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Events for the Community

Art Sale


September 21, 6pm, Riverside Baptist Church Lobby

Greer Community Ministries Food Drive


November 2, 6pm, Riverside Baptist Church Lobby

Sensory Friendly Concert & Events


Events start in the Riverside Baptist Fellowship Hall

Instrument Petting Zoo


May 2, 6pm, Riverside Baptist Church Lobby

Fulfilling the needs of our Community

Each of these events will begin one to two hours before the concert. Each year, we have helped provide hundreds of toys to children in need, providing assistance to them in their families through our partnership with the Marine Corps. The Food drive is able to raise significant quantities of food for Greer Community Ministries to fill their pantry, just before Thanksgiving. Additionally, the Sensory Friendly Concert is an event that provides assistance and help for children of special needs children throughout the upstate, while  the petting zoo encourages scores of children to try out the different orchestra instrument in an attempt to get them to pursue music in school.